since 1924

There is a story behind every plaster…

Bumps, cuts, scratches and the tears that come with them are all part of childhood. We’ve been helping parents to comfort their little ones for over 90 years, and we know there’s no substitute like a cuddle from a parent. Healing is about much more than a great plaster. This is a chance to share our experiences of playing outdoors, comforting children and the different approaches to parenting. Together we can raise healthy and happy childen!

Making it better

Every parent wants their child to be able to run free outside. To watch kids have fun in the fresh air is the best thing ever – but it can be tough seeing them upset when they hurt themselves. There is no right or wrong way to be a parent, but wow - there is a lot of advice out there! Sometimes sharing experiences with other mums and dads is the most helpful thing of all. And discovering a little about development from a real expert can be fascinating and useful, too.

The Tear Artist

Lorraine explains how she used the tears of our four children to create emotive and special watercolor pictures to cheer them up - and what the experience taught her about talking to kids.

Meet Lorraine here